Death Stranding. The newest creation from the ‘beautiful mind’ of Hideo Kojima, blew (and confused) everyone during Sony’s E3 Press Conference this past summer. The teaser video looked amazing and instantly became one of the most wanted games yet to be released. The biggest question is..when will PlayStation gamers be able to find clothes for Norman Reedus’s character? Not soon. And my prediction? Well, you might not like my answer, Brah.

UPDATED: Now that PSX 2016 has come and gone, we now know that Kojima Productions is using Guerilla Games Decima engine to power Death Stranding!! I originally predicted a 2019 release BUT my new prediction is Fall 2018! With an engine already in place, Kojima and his hive mind have saved themselves quite a bit of development time. So hopefully this means the game in our hands even sooner, Brah!

Watch the newest Death Stranding trailer revealed at The Game Awards!

Let’s be honest. Like him or not, Hideo Kojima is one of the most legendary developers in all of gaming. He has created so many unforgettable moments and when news broke that Kojima and Konami were going their own ways, it set the world on fire. I mean, the night that Kojima was (finally) able to go public with his departure, Sony INSTANTLY posted a video of their new found partnership. How many videogame developers have that kind of or power or fame? Not many. There’s no telling what kind of budget Sony threw at his skinny jeans so that his first post-Metal Gear game would only be playable on the PS4 family of gaming.

Or did they? Sony has said time and time again that the PS4 Pro won’t extend the console life of the PS4. The O.G. released in 2013 and the average prime time of any gaming console is more or less 5 years. Yes, I know. The PS2 and PS3 were supported long after that. However, come late 2017, I believe, if we like it or not, rumblings concerning the PS5 will start coming to the surface. PS5 in 2018? Doubt it. Death Stranding in 2018? Brah.  Brah. Braaaaaah.

One does not simply make Kojima rush through game development!! You let him and his fellow Kojima-Brahs and Grrls take their time to help develop, nurture, and grow the game. Plus this is New Age Game Development..your game is probably going to be delayed a time or dozen. That’s just the way it works Kojima did go on record stating that it would be being releasing before the Olympics in Japan (2020) and before the time the Akira manga was set (2019).

S0 2018 then? First, think about this. it wasn’t long ago that Kojima was jetting around the world, looking at various developer’s engines, trying to find the perfect one for his newest idea. Just recently the question was asked who fans would like to see as the heroine (Scarlett Johnasson, DUH!!)!! Still casting characters? That shows there is still so much work to be done and Sony would be foolish to rush him to finish it.

They’re going to give Kojima Productions all the time and money they want to perfect Kojima’s dream game. They’re going to push the power of the PS4/ PS4 Pro to the limits. Kojima has always strived to raise the bar and with all this new power, why wouldn’t he? This is his chance to make whatever his imagination can dream of. Take your time, Good Sir. We will all be waiting patiently. Even if it pushes the game to the PlayStation 5, who wouldn’t want a Kojima game at launch? Talk about a ‘Killer App’, Brah!! Do yo’ thing Hideo. We will all be there, Day Zero. Or Day Negative Zero, if that’s even possible. If not, we here at PlayStation Brahs will make it possible, but only Mr. Kojima.

What do you guys think? Will the game crash your O.G. PS4, push the Pro, and then shine on the PS5? LET US KNOW!