You adored the original. You loved Marvel vs Capcom 2. You played the third non-stop until ULTIMATE Marvel vs Capcom 3 arrived and upped the ante. Rumors hit the other day and brah.. MARVEL VS CAPCOM 4 is HAPPENING!! Most likely.

If the Brahs and Grrls over at Polygon are to believed, their multiple sources have confirmed that Marvel vs Capcom 4 is the real friggin’ deal and is coming in 2017. Look for the reveal during PSX 2016 this weekend. The focus on the Marvel side will be for the MCU characters, which means no X-Men or Fantastic Four peeps for you..out the gate. They sure would make great DLC though..

While it kinda sucks that one of the surprises for this weekend escaped The Secret Box, The Brah will be at PSX 2016 and if Marvel vs Capcom 4 is playable?! Oh yeah. I’ll give you some impressions!!!