Believe it or not, but Final Fantasy XV IS NEARLY UPON US!! After years of waiting and a delay or three, IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! The first major patch has been detailed and we have the deets!!

Thanks to the fine folks over at Siliconera who translated Director Tabata’s message, the “Crown” update will do the following…

  • Help improve the camera movement! As hectic as combat is going to be, this is a good thing.
  • The “wait mode” for more old-school JRPG fans is going to be more in-depth and will apparently receive a skill tree!
  • A “monster whistle” to help summon those pesky monsters you might need to find.
  • Cut-scenes from Kingsglaive and that CGI trailer “Omen” will be incorporated in the game. Should be interesting..
  • For those who might go fishin’ more than killer monsters, you’ll be getting an update giving you receipes, a gallery, and a better variety of fish.
  • Impressed by Prompto’s pix?! Share them to facebook or twitter so your non-gaming friends can wonder who the hell that boy band is!

Apparently there’s some other updates that haven’t been revealed yet, but don’t get your hopes up. Probably small updates, for..STABILITY!!!!