It’s the weekend!! We all live busy, hectic lifes and hey! Maybe you missed the latest news about your favorite game!! We are here to help!! Jump in, brah!!

Sony is promoting The Last Guardian on the silver screen with a new CG trailer!!

You read that right, brah!! Sony has been guilty in the past of not properly promoting their 1st party titles. Perhaps it’s a little late (seeing as how The Last Guardian releases on December 6th), something is better than nothing!! Pretty snazzy! Can’t wait to play it! Click here!

Sony loves NiOh so much they decided to play publish it in America!!

That is right!! NiOh has impressed gamers left and right with both the alpha and beta that Sony took notice and has reach a deal with Koei Tecmo to release it here in the West!! The game is going to have not one, no two, but FOUR PS4 Pro modes to choose from when the game hits!!

Also, for completing the alpha and beta you get these snazzy helmets!

NiOh unleashes death upon your PS4/ PS4 Pro on February 9th, 2017.

Greatness continues to wait: Persona 5 DELAYED ONCE MORE!!!

If you missed this news, well you either A.) live under a rock or B. ) hate JRPGs. While streaming the first English gameplay for Persona 5, it was (sadly) announced the game was being pushed from February 14th to April 4th, to get the translators even more time to perfect the US/EU version. Or ya know, spread its wings further to avoid the onslaught of games releasing in Jan – March 2017. Yikes. Smart taking, brah!

I wasn’t exactly happy with the announcement, so I ran to YouTube and cried about it. 

But hey! Now we get dual audio for the US version! Plus they updated the artwork for the soundtrack, artbook, and steelbook for those of us who pre-ordered the Take Your Heart edition!!

Niiice. April 4th, 2017. BRAHSONA!!!!!

Someone found a Vagina in Watch a Dogs 2, but don’t worry, Ubisoft patched it out!

Yeah. About that. Why?! WHY?! Thank goodness it’s gone. #ByeFelicia

So there you go. Bits of news you might have missed! Have a good week, brah!!