Have you been one of those people who has seemed to avoid the PlayStation train this generation?  Are you someone who jumped on the train, but don’t know if the Pro lifestyle is for you?  Well, that’s why I am writing this, to guide you among the darkness of gaming and into the 4k light that is PS4 Pro.  I know what your friends will say, “it’s not REAL 4k!” or “Scorpio is gonna be better!”, but you are still interested.  Well, hang onto your poncho because I’m about to make it rain with knowledge, brah!

PS4 Pro is not a necessity for gamers who don’t game often on their PS4 as we speak.  It’s for those people who wanted a better performing console instead of a high-end controller that is valued at half a console cost (although I hear the elite controller is splendid as it should be for $150).  Ps4 Pro takes most of the games we own and enhances them either for our 4k television or 1080p displays.  While not all the games on PS4 will be native 4k, there are already a dozen or more that are.  With the recent release of PlayStation VR, most games will have increased performance as well!  Imagine Resident Evil 7 in PS VR while running the PS4 Pro…gaming bliss. The console does not support UHD, but what are you buying?  A UHD player or a 4k gaming machine?  Sony is laying down the cards on that most people stream media, myself included, so to save cost they didn’t include a UHD.  Does that mean it’s not a premium product? NO!  In fact, it is a top of the line gaming console!  the PS4 Pro will be the most powerful console a year ahead of the Xbox Scorpio.  So that brings up our next question.

Should I wait to get the PS4 Pro since Xbox Scorpio is coming out later?  Well, that depends.  If your a PlayStation fan with 4k or a nice 1080p TV, then this is made for you.  If you are satisfied with your previous PS4 or Xbox then maybe not.   PS4 Pro is continuing the trend Sony has been pushing where gamers come first.  It’s a console built for high-end gamers.  High-end gamers who do not want fork out over a grand on a gaming PC or gamers who dislike the idea of gaming on PC period.  By the time any competitive consoles reach the market, PS4 Pro owners will be used to the idea of 4k graphics and enhanced visuals.

So, long story short, yes.  Buy a PS4 Pro if you fit into any of the equations brought fourth in the previous paragraphs.  Between PS VR, PS4 Pro, and the ton of 1st party exclusives that are being slammed into 2017, it’s a fine time to be a PlayStation gamer and just a gamer in general.