Every game receives a collector’s edition these days, so why wouldn’t Resident Evil 7?! Well, thanks to leaks (call Mario?), we now have the deets you need, brah!!

(Update!!) Upon further inspection, this DOES NOT COME WITH THE GAME…so. Don’t forget that!!

(Update 2!!!) GameStop confirmed it, but the price has gone up!! $180!! However, it does include the game and some peeps figure it might be the Deluxe edition! Sooo..you still in??!

(Update 3!!!) So it seems the US edition contents are a bit different than the EU edition.

  • The USB Finger is 4GB, not 16GB.
  • You get a VHS box to keep it in.
  • No art book. But instead a premium metal case.
  • The vastly different mansion also lights-up and plays music.
  • Base edition of the game.
  • Single lithograph.

(Original story)

Thank you, GameStop.it, for accidentally posting the listing for Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition! For a cool $99.99 AND apparently, ONLY at GameStop, you will receive…

  • A 25 x 23.7 x 17.1 cm replica of the Baker Mansion.
  • Some Resident Evil lithographs.
  • Resident Evil 20th anniversary art book.
  • 3 alternate cover art inserts for RE7.
  • A DLC voucher for some goodies.

Here’s some pix for ya!!!

Sooo what’cha think? Worth the investment? Or more useless junk to clutter your place?

If you missed it, Capcom finished releasing the teaser clips for RE7, which you can view here!!!