UPDATED!!! Now we have concept artwork and concept logos for the game! It’s happening, Brah!!!

ORIGINAL STORY FROM OCTOBER 2016: In 2013, Crystal Dynamics ‘rebooted’ the Tomb Raider series to massive success. They followed it up with Rise of the Tomb Raider which hit a couple weeks back on the PS4 and it seems work on a third game in the series is on the subway to Montreal, eh.

So, here we go. Dude on a Montreal Subway was being nosey and noticed that the guy in front of him was working on a document that had the title Shadow of the Tomb Raider across it. He posted it on Reddit. The rest is history.

Kotaku confirmed that is indeed the third game in the newly rebooted series but..Crystal Dynamics isn’t working on it. Instead, Eidos Montreal!! So what is CD working on??

I have a guess…

Awww yeah.