Video gaming has come along way since the first video game appeared in the late 1970’s.  Since then console after console, video game after video game, has changed the hearts and minds of many, men, women and children who play them – with friends and family, at home and abroad.  Still decades on we still want MORE – then VR (Virtual Reality) comes along to quench our thirst for all that is video games.

The power of the home console and PC has surged in both hardware and software performance over the past 2 decades.  With the release of the PlayStation (home console) and PC (Personal Computers), gamers had thought “Wouldn’t this be ‘fun’ if we could drive, fly or be apart of the game instead of sitting with a joy pad in hands.”

All of a sudden just like buses, 3 VR headsets comes along within a year, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the PlayStation VR.

Whilst not having the finicial funding to test the first two (nor having the equipment to test it), I can say hands down the at PlayStation VR is (biased speaking) the most and I place that within capital letters ‘the most’ amazing experience I have ever come across in my video gaming life!

Whilst it is cheaper than the Rift and Vive in terms of affordability, it beats it competitors out of the ball park, because all of the hardware with all it’s software has already been incorporated with the PlayStation 4.  The headset has been made by the team at Sony Interactive Entertainment from what appears to be from the ground up – with the gamer in mind. For example the weight of the headset is evenly distrusted to balance the weight of the device in the front AND back part of the headset.  Setting up the peripheral when connecting it to the console is straight forward, as there is a manual to show what to do, in clear and informative pictures, then there is of course YouTube/YT Gaming for video tutorials if needed.  It took a matter of no more than 20 minutes to set up all the wires, which connect via a HUB, that connects the headset to the main console.

The VR was designed to give the gamer the sense of actually being there (as accounted by other gamers I have spoken too – have commented that when playing with the VR headset it doesn’t actually feel you are setting on the couch, but actually being inside the game itself).  Questioning the gamer are you at home or inside the tank? For example in the VR game titled Battle Zone.

To conclude the VR has only been released as a week has only passed in the evolution of video gaming, however video gamers who have the PlayStation VR are asking themselves, “Can this be REAL?” Let’s hope, because what I’ve seen so far in the world of VR it has to be!

More to follow.