October 13th has come and gone like it was only yesterday! Sony unleashed VR to the PlayStation World and your mind is still in amazement!! If you’re still on the fence, then jump in and read some of our impressions!!

Getting it all set-up wasn’t as difficult as I thought, but I did have my Fiancee helping me navigate through all the cords properly and getting the processing unit up and powered. She wasn’t impressed by the amount of cords and asked why there’s so much “crap”. I told her I would ask a Sony engineer for her. Ha. She didnt like that answer.


 We started off with The Playroom VR. I felt bad for being the only person who could fully enjoy VR so decided to play something we could all interact with, together! For a free game with purchase, we had a ton o’fun!!!! One game has the VR player play as a cat and the other players with controllers as mice as they attempt to steal all the cheese from the kitchen. The cat hides behind the curtains and charges out, trying to nab those pesky rodents! Simple, yet fun as your view is the POV of the cat, so it seems like your literally floor level.

There’s also two mini-games that are similar in fashion that the non-VR players have to identify something on screen that the VR player can’t see with the headset. The first is a saloon full of outlaws, as your friends describe to you what they look like and the second is a ghostbuster’s type game, where they have to tell you were the ghost are. Simple, yet fun games which can turn into an insult match if you keep missing ghost like I did. One of the other mini-games has the VR player play as monster as he attempts to destroy the fleeing citizens of the city by smashing his head into buildings and sending debree along their escape path. I lost All 3 times so it’s safe to say I’m a terrible monster.

If you have a family or expect to have friends over, I highly recommend downloading it. Hell, it even has a platinum trophy for all you trophy whores! PLUS IT’S FREE! SO WHY NOT?

Second game I tried? I popped in the Demo disc included with the headset and tried Driveclub VR. I have yet to open my copy yet and it might have to stay that way. Why? I wasn’t even a lap into the race and I started getting hot. My stomach began to feel quesy. Uh, yeah. Had to stop playing it or else my Arby’s combo from early might have been all over the place. Thankfully, I haven’t opened it yet, so I’m going to give the demo one more chance before I have to make a decision, damnit.

Next up was Capc0m’s Kitchen demo ‘Experience’, which ultimately turned out to be Resident Evil 7. First off, let me say this. WOW. Second? WOWY WOW WOW!! The demo only last maybe 5-minutes but holy moly was it immersive! I won’t spoil what happens..I’ll only tell you that Resident Evil 7’s VR mode is going to sell PSVR headsets. There’s a reason Sony paid for the rights to VR mode for a year. The experience is unreal.

I also tried the REZ Infinite and Thumper demos. Both crazy-awesome psychodelic  gaming experiences morphed together with trippy music. If you’ve played REZ anytime over the years since the original release, it looks to be a dazzling PS VR purchase as the game works brahsomely with the headset. Using head-tracking to aim your bullyseye is super easy and the gameplay is as addictive as ever. Expect a review from us soon!

Thumper is as unique as they come. You’re a metalic beetle (?), rushing down a track, as colorful imagery and gigantic boss beings come at you. Controls are simple. If a curve in the track is coming up, press and hold in the direction of it. Other times have you holding down the x button as musical beats explode out of the icons you cross. Other times pressing x will send back of bolt of energy a being shot at you. Sounds weird, I know. However, I plan on Thumper being the next game I purchase for my headset. I’m all about originality and Thumper oozes it out of every pour.

My overall experience with PSVR has been very positive. However, I told you guys when we started this website, that I wouldn’t lie or be too fanboyish to you. After a little over 2 hours of VRing, I did  away with a headache. Nothing too serious, but it happened. I played for another good 30-minutes this morning and everything was fine. Maybe I over did it and from what I’m hearing, everyone’s tolerance is different.

So how’s about you Brahs and Grrls? What are some of your impressions? What game do I need to check out next? Let us know!