I know, I know, I get it.  I know exactly what you are thinking and yes, this is another top 5 on the internet.  I think this top 5 is needed and it is based totally from my preference.  The things that I believe are a top 5 reason may vary and be different from others.  These are in no specific order, but are valuable assets to what make PlayStation my preferred console.  So with all this who-blah said, lets jump into it!



Spotify is an amazing service and it works flawlessly on the PS4.  The 4.0 update that we have recently received, has made the app even more simple to just jump into a play music.  Spotify actually will assemble you a playlist based upon the game you are playing. That’s insanity!  Even if you do not have the premium account offered by Spotify, you can still enjoy these benefits (with added commercials of course).  You can also go straight from listening to Spotify on your phone and then continue to listen on your PS4 without ever missing a beat!


Exclusive Games

It’s something largely debated, but PlayStation has the most memorable titles outside of Nintendo.  When I think of PlayStation then I always think of Resident Evil on my PS1, Twisted Metal, Metal Gear Solid, and the list can go on.  PlayStation continues to be at the forefront with delivering titles that always break ground.  PlayStation has gaming experiences that I have never witnessed on any other console.  While we sit and move through another generation of games that cater to only what sales, we have PlayStation allowing developers to be creative while the industry seem almost stagnant in the imagination department.  If you own a PlayStation, then you have a plethora of imaginative games to look forward to.


Best User Interface

When I turn my console on, I want to see my games and what my friends are doing.  I do not want to be overburdened with advertisements, but just MY games and experiences.  The PS4 has built its UI with focus on us gamers.  Advertisements are placed in the PS store and typical have things that actually are interesting to us gamers. The user interface is fast and reliable.  We now have access to folders, so if your like me and have 200 titles, this is a welcomed addition.  the menus are simple, fast, and to the point.  What made Apple so successful with the iPhone was the ability to make everything easier to the average consumer.  PlayStation has a user interface that does just that.  When I want to stream, 3 clicks and I’m streaming.  When I want to listen to music, 2 clicks and music is playing.  Beauty is definitely in simplicity when it comes to consumer interaction.


PS Vue and PS Now

If you have the required internet speeds, then these services are right up your alley if you’re a tv watcher or like to revisit those classic titles.  First I will talk about PS Vue, it’s the best streaming service hands down.  You can have up to 5 devices watching live programs while Sling TV only has 1 device.  PS Vue supports DVR functionality as well.  I was able to go back and watch the entire second season of Fear the Walking Dead and the streaming quality was great.  I never have issues with frozen screens or other unbearable instances that would cause me to regret my subscription.  The beauty is that I can cancel at anytime and with no penalty.  Now we can discuss PS Now.  When I first tried PS Now, it had connectivity issues that would not allow me to play a game for more than 15 minutes without an interjection.  Those problems are all resolved now and Sony are going big on PS Now.  The service streams difficult-free and allow almost zero input lag.  Imagine a service where you have over 100 games to play at anytime, that’s PS Now and it works effortlessly. Like I said, this is my personal experiences and it may vary from gamer to gamer.


Innovative Experiences

PlayStation has made strides to improve PSN and the user experience over generations.  We have had experimental phases and then those items that us consumers went with.  We are receiving PlayStation VR this month and PlayStation Pro in November.  PlayStation is at the head of the industry and building devices to increase our gaming euphoria.  We need these stepping-stones to make gaming more than what it was previously.  Gaming has got to evolve more than just graphics and PlayStation has understood that since day one.  When you think about gaming, PlayStation is in the lead by a large margin, not because of marketing or gaming site propaganda, but because they listened to us gamers and supplied.  This is a trend that I hope they continue to have as the gaming industry grows.