Here we are and it is another released expansion for Destiny.  Does it live up to the amazing expansion from last year,  The Taken King?  You have an amazing raid (one of the best), well designed equipment, and a raised light level of 385.  It has a heavy emphasis on story that is demonstrated in the trailers that have all been released prior to the game.  So, to answer the question, does it live up?  Well…yes and no.

I’ve been an avid Destiny player since the beta was released in 2014.  The game engrossed me and gave me a feeling that was similar to the days I had back when I used to play World of Warcraft.  When you first enter those areas to  discover the Hive on the moon or the Fallen on the Cosmodrome, it just an awesome experience.  Well, here we are, 2016, we are still playing a very lively game that always seems to flourish with each new expansion. Rise of Iron is great, but not on the same level as The Taken King.  It actually feels like the House of Wolves expansion, but with an added raid (which House of Wolves didn’t include).The armor and weapon designs are right up my alley.  The guns all feel well-balanced (shotguns are still devastating in PvP).  For me, what really stand out is Archon Forge that is located in the wasteland.  They basically have taken the aspect of the court of Oryx and heightened the experience.  I could literally spend hours grinding away in the forge if it wasn’t for the need of keys.

I wanted to keep this review short and sweet of a title that i love tremendously.  If you have a love for Destiny or had one previously, then this expansion is for you. It definitely shows the heart Bungie has been poured into Destiny over the years and Rise of Iron is no different.  Very well implemented story, although short, as well as heavy work applied to customizing my guardian into MY guardian with the welcome of very cool ornaments.  So, grab some friends and venture forth guardians, as the Plaguelands awaits!