#Gasp. So it ain’t so. Controversy is nigh!! Resident Evil 7’s VR mode is timed EXCLUSIVE to PS VR and you won’t BELIEVE FOR HOW LONG!!!

Behold!!! For the year that is 2017, the only piece of plastic with chips inside that you will be able to be part of the family with will be the PS4/PS4 Pro!!!

By gawd, Sony done gone and paid them off to make it exclusive for a year! Not surprising. RE7 was revealed at Sony’s E3 presser this year. The only digital marketplace to download the demo is the PSN. Sony isn’t stupid. They know people are going to need to experience the VR mode for it. Good business decision for them, maybe not for the gamers who wanted to experience the VR with those other headsets. Apologies, brah.

Unless some cray-cray delay arrives last minute, Resident Evil 7 unleashes evil once again on January 24th, 2017.