On October 13th, Sony’s take on Virtual Reality will finally join the gaming world! Are you a belieVeR in PS VR or are you still wanting to believe? 

For those of you who’ve been following me on Twitter, you already know that the PlayStation Brah is SOLD on PS VR and I luckily have the bundle pre-ordered through Amazon. Prior to using the PS VR headset, I hadn’t used VR since the Nintendo Virtual boy so I was  blown away by it.

That also means I’ve yet to try the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, so I can’t give you a fair comparison of the three. All I know is that the Vive is the so called ‘king of VR’, but with that price tag ($700) AND computer needed to run it, being king comes with a mighty price tag.


The one thing I can compare is the price and thankfully the PS VR arrives at a more reasonable rate of $399.99! OK, so $400 isn’t a drop in the pan and is quite the entry fee. There is a catch though! You have to have a PlayStation Camera (that’s another $60!) and for the full PS VR experience, a couple of PlayStation Move controllers. You will also need a PlayStation 4 (OG, Slim, or Pro) but brah! If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have one. See the main image above? Gonna set you back around $520USD and that is before tax. Yikes. They had a bundle that included it all PLUS PlayStation VR Worlds, but they were gone in a heartbeat. Sorry, brah. Piece by piece, it can get pricey, however I’m sure some of you already have parts of the VR puzzle at home.


As cool (and comfortable) as the PS VR headset is, it ain’t gonna last long without a steady stream of content and Sony seems to be going all out. Here’s a taste of what launches.. day one!

Whew.  I’m sure there’s something I missed!! But 26 games/experiences?! CONTENT OVERLOAD, BRAH!! (P.s., I did my best to find videos for ALL the games above, so don’t be scared to click on them!)

But wait!! Several past games will also be patched to include PS VR support like Star Wars Battlefront, Bound, and more!! Plus several incoming major games will receive PS VR experiencess or add-ons, such as Final Fantasy XV, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,  Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Kitten Squad!! 


We here at The PlayStation Brahs plan on bestowing upon you fellow PS VR enthusiast a plethora of content!! Reviews, streams, impressions, and maybe even VR cupcakes!!! How will that last one even work? We don’t even know!!! 

Thankfully, we have a fellow friend who might be able to help! My pal Brandon is a fellow PS VR superfan who is so passionate about the future of gaming, he created his Very Own Website ALL about it. If that isn’t enough for you, y’all can also follow him on Twitter

So if you’re as excited as we are, leave a comment below or heck, share this article on your favorite social media network! Just remember, October 13th is when the world of virtual reality is unleashed upon the world of PlayStation. I hope we can help you become a belieVeR in it, Brah!!