With the Fall gaming lineup fastly approaching, the big two are ready to pimp their biggest hitters!! After delaying Gran Turismo Sport and The Last Guardian, Sony once again is leaning on third party titles to help rule much of this Holiday. They have chosen one title to rule them all and Ubisoft has to be delighted..

After Sony appeared onstage at Ubi’s E3 Presser and announced that the PS4 would receive exclusive content for Watch Dog 2, you knew Sony was betting big on the sequel to one of Ubisoft’s biggest selling new IPs ever.

If you watch the video provided below, the game’s footage takes up almost half of the damn video! The first game was cool and all but I haven’t seen much that makes me want to tell my fiancee to order it for me with her Amazon Prime account (20% off, brah!!).

The Watch Dogs 2 Sony Fall Sizzle Reel, Brah!!

I’m not hating on the game or disrespecting those who are making it. I only fail to see the hype. I still feel that the first game benefited from it’s sixth month delay from November 2013 to May 2014. Oh well.

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