Taco Bell, the official Fast Food of The PlayStation Brahs (for now and only because of this contest)!

Via the PlayStation Blog, Taco Bell, and PlayStation have partnered up again!

Starting Today and running through October 19, by ordering the $5 Taco Bell Big Box you’ll get a code to text in granting you a chance to win the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle early!  A winner will be drawn around every 15 minutes.  So be sure and go by for a chance to win!

(Hopefully, you can customize what comes in the Big Box or switch stuff out cause I’m picky.  All I want is two regular tacos with no lettuce and a bean burrito with no friggin onions!  But no matter what, I’ll be going by and picking up a box every now and then!)

But here at The PlayStation Brahs, I can guarantee you will win something EVERY time you eat at Taco Bell!  A free trip to your nearest Bathroom (exact prizes vary but more than likely none will be very pleasant)!