In a move that I found to be somewhat strange, Bungie has announced that Destiny will not be patched to support PS4 Pro enhancements at launch.

At the PlayStation Meeting held on September 7 and in the ultimate FAQ, Sony announced that existing PS4 games can be retroactively patched to support upgraded visual assets, higher resolutions, and higher or more stable framerates, among other things. According to Bungie, Destiny will not be patched to offer these enhancements at the launch of the PS4 Pro. The company has finished work on the latest chapter in the Destiny saga, Rise of Iron (which releases on September 19) and appears to be focusing their efforts on getting the new expansion running smoothly on existing hardware.


Of course, the game will still run just fine on Sony’s flagship console when it releases on November 10, and Bungie hasn’t ruled out working on PS4 Pro-enhanced graphics in the future. However, I can’t help but feel that Destiny fans will be disappointed by this news. Destiny is still visually spectacular in every way on PS4 – even two years after its initial release – and I’m quite sure the Destiny faithful would have appreciated the visuals of their favorite game being taken to the next level with their shiny new PS4 Pro. For people like myself – former hardcore Destiny fans that left the game months ago due to burnout – this could have been the perfect way for Bungie to get players back on board. What makes this perplexing is the timed exclusivity deal in place between Bungie and Sony regarding some of Destiny’s in-game content. The two companies have a great relationship, and Sony has showcased the game heavily in their PS4 advertising over the years. You’d think Bungie would be right there at launch supporting the PS4 Pro given the harmonious state of affairs between the two companies, but alas, ’twas not meant to be.

As stated previously, Bungie has not completely ruled out Destiny enhancements in the future for PS4 Pro. What I predict will happen is that Bungie will hold off for now, and save these enhancements for when Destiny 2 releases next year (at that time, both the PS4 Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio will be out in the wild).

How does this news have you feeling, brahs and grrls? Are you a disappointed Destiny diehard, or an indifferent something…something (I dare you to find three words to go here that start with the letter “I”). Let us know in the comments!