First, I need to get something off my chest.

It took me a few hours, but I realized that I was disappointed in No Man’s Sky. Is it a terrible game? No. If you asked me if you should buy it, at this very moment, I would tell you no. There’s not enough content. Yet. This is coming from a guy who was hyped for the game and had normal, realistic expectations for it.

You might be thinking, “But Brah!! You’re the PlayStation Brah, a Fanboy, and a Pony!! You must defend Sony’s every mistake!!”

No, I don’t. Yes. I love PlayStation. When they’re not delaying their games multiple times, they offer some of the best exclusives around. I can’t wait for PSVR and will buy it and a PS4 Pro DAY ONE. I have all kinds of PlayStation Swag that I love to wear to show my faith in the brand.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind eye to glaring technical issues for a PlayStation exclusive if it ruins the experience. Or if a PlayStation exclusive game isn’t fun, tell you the gameplay rivals The Legend of Zelda just so you’ll run to buy it, so that I might then tweet pix to execs at Sony who don’t care about me.

Hell, there’s a 51% chance that The Last Guardian might suck a big one. If it does, I will let you know. Because I, like several other Team ICO fans, are hyped for it. But I won’t sugarcoat it and let you waste your hard earned money on a pile of garbage if the game is terrible. I won’t try to spin it and tell you that the rest of the media is wrong and that THE MEDIA BIAS IS REAL!!

Why? Because gaming is a very expensive hobby to dedicate yourself to. $60 a pop for a new game isn’t chump change. We here at The PlayStation Brahs are fanboys. Unbiased fanboys. We’re gamers, just like you, and want to experience the absolute best for our gaming dollar. Even if Sony ever started sending us review copies in the future, we would still offer you the TRUTH, regardless of what they did or didn’t give us.

I’m passionate about gaming. I’m also passionate about the rest of my life. I don’t always get to game as much as I would like, so with the time I do get, I prefer to spend it gaming on the PlayStation ecosystem. I don’t hate Microsoft or the Xbox Brand. Or Nintendo. There’s no point in it. If you’re reading this and thinking “what a phony”, then you’re way too deep into the rabbit’s hole. It’s a piece of plastic and computer chips.

If you’re still reading this and think “wow, this is my kinda site!”, thank you. We truly appreciate your support now and hopefully in the future. We have huge plans and I hope you stick around to see them grow, brah! Just remember, no kiss assing here. We will offer the truth when it comes to PlayStation news, impressions, and reviews. We are 100% Sony Fanboys but we would never mislead you or feed you stupid propaganda. That’s the truth, brah!!

I hope this helps clear up any misconceptions about our site and goals for it. As always, take it easy and if you would like to game with me, add PlaySt8tion_Brah on the PSN!