HDR! UPSCALING TO 4K!! 1TB HDD!!! No UHD blu-ray player!!!! Wait. What?

So, unless you were living under a rock (heard rent is cheap!), you already know that Sony unveiled the PS4 Pro (and the PS4 Slim) afternoon at the PlayStation Meeting in New York. Look at the pretty pictures!! 

Pro Goodies!!

Baby got back!!
Behold my suitcase of power!

If you need some specs…

So no 5.5 TFLOPS but hey, we will survive. PSVR is getting a nice boost, which makes me, The PSVR Brah, happy! They even showed Horizon: Zero Dawn and Spider-Man running on the PS4 Pro and they looked a-may-zing!

Yet there’s still So many questions! Are games required to be 1080p/60fps?! Will any games be true native 4K?! Will Shawn Layton ever tell me if be PlayStations or not?!?! I NEED ANSWERS!!!

November 10, 2016. $399.

So. Brahs! Grrls!! Are you going Pro or are you satisfied with your current PS4?