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That’s right folks! StormTrance (@stormtrance1618) has joined The Playstation Brahs!

For those of you that don’t know me, you have a lot to learn.  For those of you that do know me, I’m sorry (as you are as well I imagine).

I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone.  My hope is to not only bring PlayStation news, info, and reviews but also to bring some fun and laughs to this site.  For example, I’m thinking of doing a weekly PlayStation Girl of the Week post (hubba hubba)!  I also HOPE to cover the Vita more than anyone else on this site.

I’ve been a gamer all my life though probably not as much as other die-hard gamers on this site.  Obviously, as a kid, I had a NES, Super NES, and N64 and played the heck out of those three systems.  But I wasn’t a gamer.  But my life changed forever when I got the original PlayStation.  When I first fired that thing up, with that opening animation and sound (which is still the best console opening ever), I was hooked.  I owned every PlayStation since and over the years got more and more into gaming.

You won’t see my covering fighting games or racing games.  And the reason why is really simple.  Those games suck!  Seriously!  Get that trash out of here.  Sure Gran Turismo always looks amazing.  But what do you do?  NOTHING!  Weeeee!  I’m just going around the same tracks over and over!  Weeeee!  And fighting games?  Even lamer!

Also, I suck at games.  Like seriously!  I put all my games on the easiest difficulty and I still get my butt handed to me.  And I get really ticked that I spend $60 on a game and can’t even get past the first friggin level or area!  I was the Angry Video Game Nerd long before there was an Angry Video Game Nerd.  I once kicked out my bedroom window from getting so mad playing a game!

Oh!  I live in the boonies!  Which means I have to use satellite internet.  Which means I can’t do any online gaming!  Yeah, it sucks.  I also have limited bandwidth usage which means I usually have to update my games over several days.  Seriously, I’m only allowed 15GB a month.  Star Wars Battle Front has a 12GB update!  That would eat up my entire bandwidth allowance!  I friggin love Destiny but living in the boonies means I can’t play it.  Maybe within the next 5000 years, the USA will have high-speed internet access for all.  Doubt it tho.

Anyways, that’s me.  Wanna know more, just follow me on Twitter.  But be warned, during football season, you will see a million tweets from me about the Tennessee Volunteers, especially live during their games.  They suck almost as bad as fighting and racing games!

Live long and PlayStation! May the PlayStation be with you!