As all you PlayStation Brahs are aware, Sony is having a big PlayStation Conference (or meeting as they call it) tomorrow!

The Official PlayStation Blog just updated with a link to see the “Meeting” live on in the internet tomorrow!  Just check out at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern to see all the amazing wonders the PlayStation is about to announce.


My sources have already leaked important and unknown details about the event.

  1. Sony has decided to not announce the PS4 Slim.  Since it’s already leaked and everyone and their mom has already seen it there’s no need to waste time on it.  No announce date, details, NOTHING!
  2. The code named PS4 Neo will be completely unveiled!  In fact, it will actually go on sale BEFORE the Slim!  And, it will go on sale immediately after the event is over!  Wow!
  3. RockStar will unveil Red Dead Reloaded as well as Red Dead Revolutions.  Two new Red Dead games!  In fact, the third part of the trilogy, Revolutions, will abandon its western settings and take place in the digital world as the Gunslinger Neo looks to finally end Mr. Anderson’s evil rule!
  4. Media Molecule is back with Little Big Universe for the PS VR!  Who needs a planet when you can have the entire universe!  They will also go ahead and announce game breaking bugs and patches for Day One.  Sack Boy will also be rebranded as Sack Person as to be gender neutral (which is weird because it’s a sack anyway).
  5. Naughty Dog will announce The Last of Us: Again: For Real, There Is No More Of Us!

There will be several other things revealed but this is the major stuff.  Remember, you heard it here first from StormTrance and the PlayStation Brahs!




P.S. This is obviously a joke.  Well, at least some of it us…. Dun dun dun!!!  Find out what is real tomorrow!